Website launch!

Welcome to!

This website is a product of a collaborative team effort driven by passion. Its a comprehensive archive of all Lady Gaga media materials available for everyone to download.

Our intention is to preserve this material and make it possible to be accessed by anyone in the future.

We will continuously update the website with every release or new and leaked items there is.

As a kickoff gift, we proudly bring you these exclusive files:

  • A 2009 outtake from Ben Duggan’s photoshoot for MoCA 30th Anniversary Gala

(Click on the image for full size)

  • And the original full-length Government Hooker backdrop from iHeart Radio Festival 2011 in Full HD

Click here to download the Full HD video

Thank you

  • To Morgana Devacelli, for collating all these files and for making this project come to life.
  • Petga, for designing the website.
  • Candy Warhol, for supporting the idea since day one.
  • NATUREART and Jo Calderone, for helping us compile, sort and maintain the mega archive.

G.M.A. wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of these amazing people.

And to all the little monsters around the world, paws up!