Downloading files

MEGA cloud service has limitations for free users such as a daily download limit. If you’re experiencing trouble for downloading files from our archive please take the following steps:

  • First, download “MegaDownloader” software. When open add the direct file or folder download URL and it will automatically pick up. If it doesn’t click the + sign in the corner and add it manually.
  • It’s also recommended to use an IDM software (Internet Download Manager). Once installed go back to MegaDownloader app, go to the “Configuration” tab and click on “Streaming”, then check the box where it says “Use stream server”. When you’ve finished this step go to the Mega tab in your browser and copy the URL, then click on the “Watch online” button from the streaming tab. Copy the URL of the Mega Download on the first blank box and you’ll get the streaming download URL. Finally, copy this new streaming URL in your IDM app and start the download.
  • If you still experience trouble for downloading the files doing the above steps we recommend downloading Windscribe’s VPN software or Psiphon.

For playing the video files in our archive we recommend using the open source player VLC which you can download here.

Sometimes when playing these files through VLC a glitch with grey/purple pixels like this can appear on the player screen. This can be fixed following this next steps:

  • Open VLC Player
  • Go to “Tools
  • Click on “Preferences
  • Click on “All” at the lower left corner of the dialog box (Under show settings)
  • Click on “Video codecs” on the left side (Under input /codecs)
  • Under “Video codecs“, click on “FFMPEG
  • On the right side under decoding change “Threads” value to “2

In case you come across to a broken link or experience problems in any of our posts please let us know via our Social Media profiles such as Twitter and Instagram and we will work on it as soon as possible.

We are also open to suggestions. If you have any feel free to contact us at the above mentioned social profiles.

Thank you,

The Gaga Media Archives Team