Recording sessions and vocal takes

List of files

  • Applause (Recording Session June 4 2013)
  • 10 June intro
  • Angel Down (Recording sessions snippet)
  • Bad Romance (Idea voice memo)
  • Brooklyn Nights (Recording sessions snippet)
  • DJ Stolen shoutout
  • Do What U Want (Backing Vocals snippet 1)
  • Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Pro Tools take
  • Fashion Of His Love vocal outtake
  • Gay Marriage intro
  • Government Hooker (Background vocals snippet)
  • Gypsy (Writting Session 22 09 2012)
  • Hair (Recording sessions snippet)
  • Highway Unicorn vocal take voice memo snippet
  • HK Lounge intro
  • Just Dance promo shoutout
  • MANiCURE (Recording sessions snippet)
  • Marry The Night Recording session takes
  • Miss Universe 2008 intro
  • Perfect Illusion vocal take
  • Pop Ate My Heart (The Fame Ball Tour) [Vocal take]
  • Telephone (Snippets from The Making of Telephone [Darkchild’s Vlog])
  • That guy (G.U.Y. Vocal take excerpt)
  • The Fame Part One voice recording
  • Various voice memos from Born This Way recording sessions
  • Wonderland intro